Picking Roof Shingle Colors: Considerations, Questions, and Advice

Changing the color of your roof is an option you may want to consider when looking into shingle replacement. If you had a better roof color than what you have now, would it enhance the overall exterior look of your home and possibly increase its curb appeal?

Or maybe you already love the color of your roof. You can look for shingles with enhanced performance features in the same color or a similar one if you want to upgrade your shingles’ durability. It’s easy to do.

“Asphalt shingles remain far and away the most popular choice because they’re relatively inexpensive and easy to install,” states Consumer Reports’ 2022 Roofing Buying Guide. “In CR’s roofing tests, we’ve found that some shingles perform better overall than others that cost more. And some provide a beautifully layered look or come in huge arrays of colors. On-trend colors right now include light and soft greens and blues, beige and off-white, and taupe and light brown.”

Whatever the case, a new roof is a big investment. You might as well pick a roof color you absolutely enjoy. It all starts with the confidence to express your desire for something different, as well as finding a reliable, trustworthy shingle roofing company near you.

To help you get started:

  • Your roof doesn’t have to be the same color you have right now, so don’t feel limited. Consider which color of roofing shingles might enhance the overall look of your home when replacing your roof. Rather than simply replacing with the same exact shingle color, take this opportunity to update your home’s exterior and boost its curb appeal.
  • Consider the cost impact. It may actually be less expensive than you thought to move up to an architectural shingle in a designer color. You can only get an estimate from a roofing contractor when the company knows the specific details of your home and products you intend to use. The good news is, you may only need to add a few hundred dollars to the project’s cost to get the roof shingle you really want. To make an informed decision, ask your contractor to show shingle-roof cost differences between the options afforded to you.
  • Take a long-term perspective. Adding another exterior color to shingle colors can give them a chameleon effect. It’s okay not to be too concerned about matching up your colors exactly; just remember that the color granules will look different if you pair them with another color. Consider leaning your contractor’s sample board against your exterior to see how the granule colors blend together (or not) to create an overall effect once installed on the roof.
  • Using your roof as a canvas for personal style can be rewarding. A roof makes up roughly 35 – 45 percent of your home’s exterior. In today’s asphalt-shingle marketplace, you can choose from a wide range of beautiful dimensional colors and styles that many would use in interior design. Make it a rewarding experience.
  • Put together a simple craft-color display to showcase your color ideas. Exterior design elements — such as window shutters and trim, or siding or brick — will connect to your roof just as they do in any design project. Consider versatile shingle and color pairings with online mood boards (or style boards) for additional inspiration. Whatever your next roof’s architectural aesthetic is, your mood board or style board combinations can help you pinpoint what’s right for you.
  • Design your own shingle with a bold, high-contrast appearance. Your personal style may call for bold dimensional colors, so consider the same for your roof. The color of your next roofing shingle can make a statement, whether it’s bold and dynamic or subtle and classic. Roof shingle colors can create a harmonious look for your home and complement its natural surroundings.
  • Don’t be afraid to express your ideas about the color and style of your roof throughout the entire process. Don’t limit yourself when choosing roofing shingle styles and colors. Choosing the right shingles for your home can be as simple as requesting additional samples or seeing more varieties. Preliminary color selection should be done on the manufacturer’s website, and then the contractor should bring samples. However, multiple appointments and back-and-forth can be eliminated if planned properly.
  • Check out the shingle color in person. If you live in a neighborhood with similar color roofing shingles, check out the homes having your same color, trim, or other feature. Finding a home with a similar roofline and pitch will give you a good idea of how the shingle color will look under natural light. Find out what the shingles look like at different times of day and in different weather conditions by asking your roofing contractor for a list of recommended homes.
  • Analyze the impact of lighting. Light and time of day can affect the appearance of a roof. Before deciding on a favorite color, make sure you consistently like the samples outside in the morning, afternoon, and evening.
  • A home designer may be able to help you. Do you have a specific color of siding, brick, or other feature on your house? A second opinion can always be obtained from a design professional with a trained eye. If you work together, you can often find shingles that complement siding, trim, and paint colors to create a cohesive exterior design. As long as you follow the above tips, you should be able to do it on your own successfully and confidently. Today’s online visualization tools can help you get a sense of what your home would look like with different combinations of roof colors, siding, and trim colors.

“Aesthetics are also important, and if you want the roof to complement the rest of the house, it needs to be available in different colors,” Bankrate advises. “But you also need to decide how important authenticity is to you if you have a historic home or one in a certain style.”

It can be a fun and satisfying experience to choose the color of your next roof shingle. The next time you replace your roof, consider redefining the aesthetic of your home’s exterior! For more color and design inspiration, as well as tools and resources, explore the best shingle roofing options near you. Try Keystone Roofing and Siding.