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Proper flashing installation is essential to maintain the integrity of a new roofing system. Over time, flashing may need to be repaired or replaced around chimneys and walls. As a premier roofing company, we often get phone calls for flashing repairs as well, either as a result of wear and tear on a roof, or to correct an improperly installed flashing on a roof installation by a contractor who cut corners.

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Keystone Roofing & Siding LLC will take the time to assess your roofing issues and repair your flashing completely and skillfully. We frequently repair flashing around chimneys, skylights, roofing vents, and walls.

Step Flashing Repairs

Step flashing is found on the side of a roof shingle where it meets a wall or other vertical structure. It channels water down the roof and away from vertical walls. Maintaining the functioning of step flashing will protect your home from sitting water and potential rot.

Counter Flashing Repairs

Counter Flashing is an "L" shaped piece of metal that sits between bricks or cement on structures such as chimneys. It diverts water away from the seam where the chimney meets the roof. The flashing needs to be seamlessly installed to keep water from pooling.

Give us a call to assess your flashing needs and the experts at Keystone Roofing & Siding LLC will get the job done right.


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