Choose the Best Roofing Contractor: History, Documentation, Reviews, & More

It’s an important decision to replace your roof. Choosing the right contractor is obvious, and so is finding an affordable roofing company near you. But where do you begin?

The average homeowner replaces his or her roof only once in a lifetime, which means choosing the right company is a big deal. It’s a huge investment.Which roofing contractor should you hire?

A contractor’s price is often the determining factor in any homeowner’s choice. But remember: you will get what you pay for. You’re likely to receive a substandard installation if you choose a roofing company that gives you a bargain price but can’t provide a list of satisfied customers.

Also, buyer beware. “Avoid roofers that require big upfront payments,” states a June 2022 consumer-homeowner article in The Washington Post. “A 10 percent deposit to secure a spot on a company’s schedule is reasonable, but beware the home-improvement scammers who demand a large deposit to buy materials. Reputable contractors have credit accounts with their suppliers that grant them at least 30 days to pay.”

The following guide will help you in selecting a top-rated roofing company:

Company History

Auto mechanics who just started their job aren’t worth taking your car to if it’s one of the most important repairs to date. A doctor fresh out of medical school probably isn’t the best choice for brain surgery.

What are the advantages versus disadvantages of hiring a roofing contractor who doesn’t have a long track record of quality work?

It’s unfortunate that fly-by-night contractors often disappear to avoid paying damages, only to reappear months later under a new name. But when you hire a company with decades of experience and a solid reputation, you can avoid falling victim to this type of unscrupulous contractor.

Previous Work and Projects

The reputation of a business is everything when it comes to providing a service. Customers of services can leave unbiased reviews on the internet.The majority of consumers say they research products online before buying them. Make sure you do your research before spending your hard-earned money.

Is the roofing contractor well-reviewed by other homeowners? Check online for information about the company’s past projects, or ask the company if it has a list of homeowners you can contact.

Document Financing Contracts

While documentation of every aspect of your roofing installation is essential, financing terms should be fully understood as well. Reputable roofing companies provide knowledgeable employees who walk you through contracts and answer questions about payments. There should be no ambiguity or uncertainty in the agreement.

Know Your Options if You’re dissatisfied

You can never be too careful when planning a job. Is there a process the company will follow if an error occurs? You should know this ahead of time. Is it possible to reach a representative quickly and directly, or will you spend hours waiting on the phone? Will the company take advantage of you, essentially stealing your money?

You shouldn’t have to pay a penny to a quality roofer until you’re absolutely satisfied. The company should guarantee your satisfaction no matter what.

Identify ‘Surprise’ Repairs

In the world of home improvement, unplanned repairs and emergencies are more common than expected. It’s possible you’ll find additional problems as soon as the work starts.

The work crew may discover old rotten wood or prior damage caused by moisture, or they may detect red-flag moisture areas that are actively damaging your house, causing need for immediate repair. Find out how your roofing contractor handles unplanned “surprise” repairs. Even if you get a surprise, you’ll know what to expect.

Licensing and Insurance

Most homeowners should never attempt to perform roofing repairs themselves because it’s a dangerous job. Equipment, tools, and materials must be in good working order. The importance of experience cannot be overstated. Every roofer who performs a reliable job holds the necessary permits and licenses.

The best roofing installers who provide high quality services will also carry the necessary insurance on their workers in case someone gets injured on the job — which happens to be on your roof, your property. If a contractor doesn’t have proper insurance for its employees, you probably shouldn’t even consider using that company.

It’s Not All About the Price

The so-called “three estimates” rule might sound familiar if you have ever undertaken a home renovation project. Three is ideal, but it should only be the beginning.

Choosing a roofing contractor shouldn’t be restricted to a defined number of estimates. If you want to make an informed decision, you should speak with many roofing contractors until you feel you have all the information you need.

Clearing Out Your Old Roof

New shingles can sometimes be installed over an old roof by some roofing companies. In most cases, however, this is a bad idea. Adding additional weight to an aging roof requires new decking, which is probably due for replacement soon. Second, it ignores underlying problems, such as damage concealed by old shingles.

The act of slapping new shingles over an existing roof can be likened to bandaging an infected wound.Covering up the damage is easy, but treating the actual cause is harder. You may save money in the short term, but you will end up spending a lot more in the long run.

Find Out What Vendors Say About the Contractor

Which shingle manufacturer prefers your roofing contractor? Which vendors in the industry authorize the contractor to install their products?

Also remember that non-authorized installers won’t be able to honor manufacturer warranties.

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