What a Reliable Roofer Will Tell You About Underlayment

What a Reliable Roofer Will Tell You About Underlayment

Your home’s roof is a lot more complex than you think, and many homeowners don’t even know what each layer does. Despite a roof’s value in keeping your property safe, it’s helpful to be aware of other features. Your local reliable roofer will tell you that underlayment is one of those important features. Below, we examine the basics of underlayment … Read More

Your Local Licensed Roofer: Expert on Energy Efficient Windows

Local Licensed Roofers are Experts on Energy Efficient Windows

Are energy efficient windows worth the investment? It really depends on what kind of windows you’re replacing. A trustworthy local licensed roofer will tell you that your utility bills will most likely decrease if you’re upgrading from single-pane windows with warped wooden frames. This isn’t the case for most homes, though. You’ll find energy efficient upgrades from most of the … Read More

Autumn is Perfect for Winterizing Your Roof: Follow These Tips

When winterizing your house, don’t forget your roof — it can be a costly mistake if you do. Many of the following tips are do-it-yourself tasks. But if you need assistance, your local top-rated roofing company can help. A roof that’s ready for harsh winter weather is an important part of winterizing a home. You can prevent expensive repairs caused … Read More

The Basics of Roof Warranties: Which One is Right for You?

Installing a new roof is a big deal. It’s easy to get sucked into comparing roofing shingles and choosing the most appealing profile and color. But it’s just as important to make sure you have adequate warranty protection. Workmanship warranties versus standard and extended warranties on your roof can sound like a complicated web of information. While the warranty process … Read More

Why Homeowners Choose Autumn to Repair or Replace a Roof

Knowing when to replace your roof is tricky in New Jersey because of the crazy seasons. Although temperatures get cooler in the fall, the weather is usually quite mild. For starters, many homeowners find they need to schedule a roof appointment after summer’s heat, rain, and hail. The cost of a roof inspection is usually well worth the money spent. … Read More

Picking Roof Shingle Colors: Considerations, Questions, and Advice

Changing the color of your roof is an option you may want to consider when looking into shingle replacement. If you had a better roof color than what you have now, would it enhance the overall exterior look of your home and possibly increase its curb appeal? Or maybe you already love the color of your roof. You can look … Read More

Choose the Best Roofing Contractor: History, Documentation, Reviews, & More

It’s an important decision to replace your roof. Choosing the right contractor is obvious, and so is finding an affordable roofing company near you. But where do you begin? The average homeowner replaces his or her roof only once in a lifetime, which means choosing the right company is a big deal. It’s a huge investment.Which roofing contractor should you … Read More

Replacing a Roof: Expensive or Worth the Cost? Here’s a Breakdown

Is it time to repair or replace your roof? Whether you’re wondering how much the price per square-foot costs for a new roof, or if you need to decide between repairing or replacing one, we’ve got the answers. In the case of cracked or leaky roofs, water can get behind the shingles, causing rot and eventually leading to collapse of … Read More

Should You Buy a New Roof? Five Ideas to Entertain Before Deciding

Are you asking yourself whether you need a new roof? While your home can be improved in many ways, this potential upgrade is one of the most important choices you will consider as you maintain your house over the years. It’s crucial to consider several factors when considering paying for this unique upgrade, as well as what type of roof … Read More